Integrated Ceiling Solutions

Details do matter

Pre-engineered components and solutions that bridge the gap between the ceiling tile, grid, and adjacent products.

          Shown above: AXIOM Building Perimeters (l) and Linear Lighting with ULTIMA (r)

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Organized. Simple. Clean. Easy to specify-and-install ceiling solutions with integrated technical services, lighting controls, and data center components.

亿彩票官网PRELUDE XL Max for Data Centers
PRELUDE XL Max for Data Centers

Better approach to data center ceiling systems - designed for improved air flow management, load carrying capacity, and adaptability.


亿彩票官网Lighting Overview
Lighting Overview

A complete assortment of integrated linear, cove, and downlight solutions to help create brilliant interior spaces.

亿彩票官网Linear Lighting
Linear Lighting

Continuous or non-continuous layouts - inspiring symmetry to match your building design.

亿彩票官网DESIGNFlex Lighting
DESIGNFlex Lighting

We've partnered with lighting manufacturers to develop shaped fixtures to work with the unique patterns of our DESIGNFlex portfolio.


Lighting and architecture perfectly integrated into the ceiling to deliver your vision of symmetry.

亿彩票官网Lighting Partners
Lighting Partners

Learn how we’ve teamed with industry leaders in lighting to assure fit and finish. There’s no need to research fixture compatibility for your ceiling layout.

Common Conditions

亿彩票官网Window & Shade Pockets
Window & Shade Pockets

Pre-engineered extruded aluminum pocket solution that provides an aesthetic platform to integrate shades, air distribution, and changes in elevation.


Easily transition between ceiling planes whether it is an elevation change, flush, f-molding, straight, curved, acoustical, or drywall conditions.

亿彩票官网Light Coves
Light Coves

Variety of solutions in both direct and indirect with both ceiling-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling coves, profiles, and sizes.


Design and build 90°, step, pocket, bulkhead, and light cove soffits with our Drywall Grid System.

亿彩票官网Flat & Curved Drywall
Flat & Curved Drywall

Drywall Grid Systems are engineered to give you design control and faster installations for flat, curved, and exterior applications.

亿彩票官网Interior Glass Partitions
Interior Glass Partitions

Create the illusion of glass that appears to pass through the ceiling plane with our Axiom Glazing Channel.


Solve your crowded or low-plenum corridor condition problems with SingleSpan for Acoustical and ShortSpan for Drywall applications.