Details Make the Difference

Improve finished aesthetics with pre-engineered solutions

          Shown above: ULTIMA with AXIOM Glazing Channel (l), Drywall Grid System (m), AXIOM Transitions (r)


Armstrong Ceiling Solutions are pre-engineered with attention to detail to ensure you control the finished aesthetic of the ceiling and achieve your design intent.

On every project you will encounter some, if not all, of these common conditions. This section features Armstrong Ceilings pre-engineered integrated solutions for each common condition. We have compared our pre-engineered solutions to traditional construction methods, and presented the benefits to the design and build out process. By using these integrated solutions, you will be able to specify and maintain the crisp, clean details you envision, while solving everyday challenges for your installers.

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Common Conditions

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亿彩票官网Window & Shade Pockets
Window & Shade Pockets

Pre-engineered extruded aluminum pocket solution that provides an aesthetic platform to integrate shades, air distribution, and changes in elevation.


Easily transition between ceiling planes whether it is an elevation change, flush, f-molding, straight, curved, acoustical, or drywall conditions.

亿彩票官网Light Coves
Light Coves

Variety of solutions in both direct and indirect with both ceiling-to-wall and ceiling-to-ceiling coves, profiles, and sizes.


Design and build 90°, step, pocket, bulkhead, and light cove soffits with our Drywall Grid System.

亿彩票官网Flat & Curved Drywall
Flat & Curved Drywall

Drywall Grid Systems are engineered to give you design control and faster installations for flat, curved, and exterior applications.

亿彩票官网Interior Glass Partitions
Interior Glass Partitions

Create the illusion of glass that appears to pass through the ceiling plane with our Axiom Glazing Channel.


Solve your crowded or low-plenum corridor condition problems with SingleSpan for Acoustical and ShortSpan for Drywall applications.